Saturday, 17 September 2011

Will you take a wee dram?

I knew but had quite for gotten how beautiful the northern islands are. I had a friend who lived on the banks of the Clyde and I used to visit her during the summer as she got older.
I drove to Greenock and took a car ferry to Dunoon. She then lived a few miles along the banks of the Clyde.
She had been my health visitor when I had the babies and had finally retired to her native land. She was never able to do nothing so she started baking bread. Every morning she set off to deliver the bread to regular customers.
We went far and wide with this bread and at every stop we were offered hospitality. Very often this consisted of a wee dram! Disconcerting at ten am .

My trips up here often involved taking various ferries to various islands and I really had for gotten just how glorious it was.
My friend died before my ordination and it's the first time I've been up here since.
It must not be so long again.

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