Sunday, 30 October 2011

Autumn to winter wardrobe panic.

Some years ago now I used to visit a friend who was dying. Our chats were not gloomy but as he got worse he used to tell me stories mostly about his dozy wife. His wife in fact was anything but dozy. She was an efficient business woman who ran her own firm but who was out a lot.
One of this mans favourite story was the way his wife tackled the change over from summer to winter.
That she had too many clothes was not the problem, it was the fact that every Spring she would place her winter wardrobe in boxes and put them in the loft. It was getting them out that was the problem. His description of her on a step ladder chucking out skirts, jumpers, jackets etc onto the landing was a particularly good one as the whole landing used to end up under layers of woollies.
This morning I became that woman.
The church I am preaching in is well known for its inefficient heating. It is cold this morning so for the first time I wore my dog collar with a wooly skirt...still no tights but the change over was definitely under way.
I failed to find the cardigan I was looking for in any of the usual places...
If I had not had an extra hour to play with all would have been well but thinking I had loads of time I went through cupboards, drawers, shelves, tossing out winter wear as I went out. The spare room now looks as if a whole encampment has arrived from Siberia!
I will sort it out tomorrow.
JUst as well that my husband was out. He went to the 8 o'clock as  the clock had gone back!
Too late I remembered that the cardy I was looking for had been on the last cruise with me.
Of course...panic over, there it was, waiting patiently for the next one!
I now have more fellow feeling for the lady once described as dozy...we clearly have much in common!


UKViewer said...

That's the problem with clothes, they possess the ability to hide away, particularly if you are as disorganized as I am.

Looking for a particular shirt requires me to sort through three wardrobes, until I eventually find it in the ironing basket, I'd been to idle to iron it last week.

I need a keeper I think :)

Revjean said...

I have learned to be organised since I joined the ranks of the clergy. Oddly, quite unexpectedly the lady I was speaking about in the above post turned up at church this morning quite by chance...a nice example of synchronicity!