Saturday, 22 October 2011

The blog/epistles of St Paul.

I found myself in very august company today when I sat down to write the sermon. St Paul had none of today's means of transport or electronic devices and yet he managed not only to journey to all those places but then having reached home and been imprisoned he set out to keep in touch. Christianity is above all things about sharing and love...having found Christ on the road to Damascus Paul made sure he shared that joy with everyone else he met.
With the help of Luke he left us a body of work that sits at the very core of our religion but it came from that need to share.
Paul quite simply was a blogger. It really was Christian out reach in all that that involves...he kept all his converts in his heart and wrote them wonderful letters that have survived 2000 odd years.
The epistles have small stories, small personal details and a great deal of encouragement and love. I have no skills as an evangelical Christian of the sort that can go out and make converts on the spot but I can write and reach people who would otherwise never suspect that God is good...and that is what I try to share...with His help.

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