Thursday, 13 October 2011

Christian outreach. Or iblog.

Christian blogging is a well established phenomena in todays strange world....I was amazed by how many people did it, and the forms it takes....all different, some chatty, some sad, all full of the joy that being a Christian brings into our lives....even when things are going badly wrong there is always the knowledge that not only is God there but so are other Christians to help and support. And they do.
I recently had the pleasure of being told by a senior member of the church that my blog was amazing!  That he found time to tell me that was the amazing bit. He then went on to use words which have stayed with me.
"It is Christian outreach of a very high order."
I've thought abut those words.....its not the reason I blog to be honest....I blog because I have to...its as much part of me as my faith....but it is also a reaching out, to people I don't know and will never meet.
Its read by people who would never go to church for all sorts of reasons...and although God often really does not have a speaking part here, nevertheless He is always present...
I have been in ministry for about 8 years now. Because I am an old woman I will never get a parish. But I am still a very happy woman...I do my work as a parish priest with a heart full of joy and gratitude that I am able to do it ..I thank God every day of my life for all the good things He has given me and I write my blog in the hope that others will catch just a little of the great joy that being a Christian brings!  Alleluia!
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