Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Confused signals

The weather here is always slightly warmer than the rest of the UK but it's actually balmy out there this morning and in a good way. We had torrential rain yesterday and today the sun is shining again.
The plants in the garden are now confused. After a very warm Spring we then had drought conditions meaning that I had to water every day for months. But several shrubs suffered badly because in order to have given them the water they needed I would have had to be out there night and day!
Now they are watered well and warm winds do shake the darling buds of....October!
We have Spring flowers out now!
The bride is showing her wonderful white flowers. Several rhododendrons are in flower, two ceonotis are out ,their wonderful blue flowers looking amazing. The whole garden is suffering a severe case of schizophrenia. Bright fuchsias and hydrangeas spread along the Cornish hedges.
The horse chestnuts have dropped their conkers and leaves ages ago... all the fruit has fallen off the trees...and yet there they are the brave ones, facing winter with a wonderful show of defiance.
"You are nearer Gods heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth. "

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Kevin Scott said...

Not necessarily in my garden Jean :-)

Ray Barnes said...

Kevin took the words out of my mouth Jean. We too are experiencing seasonal confusion but in my garden it's a bit hard to see the difference.
Having the national collection of weeds just adds to the chaos.
At least they, as well as the bewildered plants are all thriving!