Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Crispin on speed.

It's very strange how when you are feeling below par physically your brain doesn't function too well either. I am very sluggish today which puts me on a par with my elderly dog. Crispin is now 14. He is a big dog, a golden retriever who maintains his dignity and beauty with admirable grace.
This morning I took my solitary stroll around our garden, a field now a garden which is at least 100 yards long. Some mornings he opts out of walking. He just watches my progress as I amble along.
This morning I found the cat from next door asleep under the larch. She looked at me and chose to ignore me.
Then Crispin arrived like a slightly wonky tank. Stopping to cock his leg up he was a long way from the cat when she spotted him.
She took off, a young animal, running was no problem.
Crispin followed. I expected a sudden collapse of stout party but no, he chased her the entire length of the garden.
Adrenaline is a wonderful thing. Is it available for humans without having to chase a cat? Because I really could use some right now.

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  1. The problem with Adrenaline is that it comes in short bursts. (Mature) people need endurance or stamina, not sure where my reserves went. Now, a couple of hours work and I'm ready for a nap.

    As for allergies, I have hay fever all year round and take hayfever medication daily. I also have random allergies, which seem to come on at short notice, such as nuts. I've been a veggie for many years, one of the staples was nuts. Than one day, had some wallnuts in a cake which gave me an allergic reaction. Now can't even face them or any types of nuts.

    Science hasn't caught on that it's not only children who suffer allergies, they seem to think that mature adults are immune - how wrong they are!

    I hope that your medication helps and you are able to recover quickly.