Sunday, 23 October 2011

Culling is good for the soul.

I had a cull this morning when, waking up in the dark I turned on Twitter to find that I was skipping over many of the tweets because I'd seen them before!
 Its even more annoying when its someone who thinks that by quoting what other people have said that some how makes it fine to just keep doing it.
There must be a way of preplanning the tweets otherwise some of these people never sleep. And some of them come every minute or so until they get put in Twitter jail for tweeting too often.
They take up a lot of the time line and it makes you wonder what on earth they get out of it.
The men who put ism after their name are the worst.....there are Fredisms, Lesisms, but no Barabara or Helen isms!
You switch off fairly quickly when people are trying to sell you something so why do people think peddling God or goodness will succeed any better that someone flogging computer ink!
The fact that many of the quotes are definitely worth reading makes it worse because you then feel bad about blocking out Gibran and his ilk.  
Twitter is surely about communication...... being fed a diet of worthy sayings just doesn't do it for me so I apologise to any I have unfollowed...but I need interaction!   Please!
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