Saturday, 1 October 2011

The day the nut fell.

Long before I became a tweeter or a friend on Facebook I played games on the net. I started with Backgammon and gradually over years I have made friends...most of them are Americans. They are real friends in that they tell me their troubles and we exchange cards at key moments of our lives and though we have never met I do count them as friends.
One of them was going to come over here this year. I was going to do a renewal of their wedding vows in St Just. I had it in my diary for two years.  But it never happened...
The explanation used the phrase...the day the nut fell...
Two more of my American friends have used the same phrase recently. Its a reference to a children's story when Chicken Lickin was walking through the forest and a nut fell on his back.  He started to run and soon he met Ducky Wocky and said.
"Come let us run for all the world is falling."
My grand father used to tell me the this story about 60 years ago,  about all the birds and animals rushing though the forest gathering more of them to run with them  because all the world was falling.
I am amazed that this simple story still  exists  throughout the world but it has became a metaphor for whats happening today in the economic climate of fear that is blighting lives.
The friend who was planning a trip here had a house on the beach in California....he had a piece of desert that he owned, he was not in fact short of a bob or two....but he is now...along with millions of others.
They were desperately in need of a Messiah, someone who would rescue them  from the predicament that had engulfed them...and so they voted in Obama with great trust and hope for the future.
Of course the poor man is not superman . Unable to pull them from the forest he is now vilified instead of loved.
The situation is tragic and it seems to be worse in the USA because it was better there to start with..
Who knows when we can all stop running?    Who knows if the world really is falling?
We can only pray that some sort of economic solutions can be found to stabilise us all again...before the rest of the world joins in the mad rush of Chicken Licken!
A new way of doing things seems possible but it takes men and women  of goodwill and faith to establish it.


  1. I don't know about falling nuts and Chicken Lickin strikes no chord with me, but even I, with my innate ability to fail to see what is under my nose can see storm clouds gathering.
    If there is indeed a solution, I would love to be a part of it, but I fear I may be a part of the problem.

  2. Ray you obviously missed out on a really good tale for children!
    Not sure about the solution......apart from chaos but we can pray!