Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Do we need two cars?

We are a two car family.  We are both independent people whose patterns were established long before we knew each other...I go off to visit churches all round the Roseland whilst David goes to the one he used to be the church warden of...Often on a Sunday morning we only see each other at lunch time..but age is taking its toll on us both...and yesterday I am aware that the first early negotiations started for us to become a one car family.
David is a much better driver than I am but yesterday for the second time this year he took his car into the garage to have all its scratches covered up!  It will be gone for several days and during that time he will drive mine...which at present is innocent of scratches because I am a careful driver. Some might even say timid!
Last time he had my car for a week he came back looking very sheepish...he had driven into a rock...not only were there scratches, he had burst the front tyre so he had  hit the rock with some force!
When I drove a landrover I once turned a tight bend and actually got caught! The big white rock that signalled the bend in the road was not clearly visible at night and I ended up stuck on top of it and could go neither forward nor back wards...
All the blokes in the local pub came up to help me off with great hilarity....but I was single then..
Now it makes complete sense that we should have one car between us but this could take years of negotiations....who has precedent, especially on Sunday mornings!
Also a major snag might well be that if it got scratched as often as the present one, there would be no relief car at hand.
David says he'll get an electric chair....well...
He would get into the village in record time but it would then take all morning to get home.....its a very long, steep hill.
The negotiations have started . We both know what we are aiming at, eventually not just because it would be good for the environment and for our pockets, but it could take quite a while to sort the rest of it out....if ever.
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