Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Embarrassing deafness.

Despite the doctors best efforts I am still deaf in one ear!  Most of the things that were wrong with me last week have got better...I can speak, operate in most spheres without any problems at all.....but this one ear is still  wonky!
It's not wax before you all jump in to give me Grandma's best remedies....wax I can deal with!
The doctors view on peering down into the offending ear was that it was a viral infection.  Although he did go on to prescribe anti biotics that do seem to have worked, the only thing still affected is the ear.
Somehow its managing to distort the sounds I can hear. Everyone on the TV seems to be squeaking. So does David.  When I can hear,  its through a curtain of  other distorted  sound....which can be very confusing for everybody I meet.
The other two in the house are already deaf....The dog now hears nothing at all unless I shout in a high pitched screech to get his attention. My husband can hear but finds a hearing aid a great comfort except when its something he doesn't want to know, when he just turns it off!
I've now had this problem for about a week and it has given me some  insights into other peoples problems....
To say "Pardon" too often is embarrassing so its best to say it straight out.
"Sorry I really can't hear you!" is working for me. The problem then is that people start to shout at you!
My husband has a blessedly quiet voice most of the time and so now he is forced to raise his voice  in order to reach me!
The whole thing is liveable with . I can see the advantages and of course I still have one ear that's in perfect working order...
Its the embarrassment thats the real problem....I find my self,  pretending I've heard something which actually I haven't....and this could get me into all sorts of trouble.
Lets hope the viral infection clears up fast on its own.....I can live with this problem  knowing its only short term....but I would be much more anxious if it wasn't!
My prayers are with all those who really can't hear....not to hear music, birds singing, the dog barking.....the glorious sounds of a church organ.....that would be a dreadful deprivation.
An old vicar of mine who was very deaf used to sit with his hand on the record player, humming to the vibrations.     I'm not yet ready for that!


  1. Poor Jean, I do hope it will eventually sort itself out and I know only too well the problems that can arise with 'half' hearing.
    About eight years ago I had shingles in my right ear with horrific results. One being all the nerves in the right half of the face being 'frozen'.
    Most eventually sorted themselves out, won't bore you with the details but the ear alas was
    effectively knackered.
    I now have the equivalent of 20/20 hearing in my left ear and sporadic bursts of muffled hearing in the right one.
    There are so many causes of hearing loss, yours could be any one of them, or even a new one.
    Whatever, I pray it will be short-lived.

  2. Thank you so much Ray....your comments are always a joy but this one was also a comfort....I am so sorry that you have been left with these problems but they are clearly not slowing you down much!