Friday, 21 October 2011

First or second class?

David missed his train this morning. A couple of times a year he goes off to have lunch with his old firm. He enjoys meeting old colleagues and friends so this morning was a shame.
He was up before six, showered , dressed and looking very smart when he set off. About an hour later the phone rang. He'd missed the train.
I was astonished. I thought he'd set off in plenty of time.
He had actually been there, a little late , able to get to the last coach before it pulled out but the door was locked. He just couldn't open it so he watched it go and came home. No one was on the platform so he gave up. No other train would have got him there in time.
Later he told me that he'd had a first class reservation. After a stare from me he told me it had cost him an awful lot of money. He doesn't think it's refundable!
It reminded me of our time in Essex. My first husband commuted every day into Liverpool St. There were times when he would get home very tired, hot and cross. Eventually he made his season ticket a first class one. It was expensive but worth it if only in tempers not lost.
It led to some strange situations though. I never travel first class. I can never excuse the extra expense it cost. If we were going out in London for the night he would travel up in one compartment and I in became a joke , having a second class wife.
It only became a problem when the trains were very late and very full.
I at that time worked in London during the evening about three times a week. Going in I had to fight my way off the train on reaching Liverpool St. Going home was worse when it got past ten pm. A certain rowdiness prevailed and I sometimes moved from compartment to the next. If he was on the train then I would join him. He always paid the excess fare.
Train travel these days is expensive. I hope my dear one gets his money back but I am trying not to think that it may be time to not go out for lunch if it means traveling half way across Britain to do it. Even a second class wife has her reservations.

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