Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lost and found.

I lost my iPhone last night.  This in itself is not particularly news worthy but my reaction to losing it startled me!  It was bed time. I always take my phone to bed to see whats happening on twitter and to listen to an audio book whilst  drifting off to sleep. And I could not  find it. I searched everywhere downstairs for it, then up stairs. I tried to phone  myself so that the church bells that are its ring tone would alert me.
 I then sat down to think where I'd had it last. Up the garden I thought so off I set with a torch trying to find a small object in the heavy dew that covered our half an acre of land.
My husband was not impressed....he kept telling me it would turn up eventually.
Eventually would not was not going to survive a night in the open , hidden in the  long grass.
We have become so used to our toys now that the prospect of going to sleep reading an actual book did not appease me at all. And anyway it wasn't ringing!  Therefor it was lost.
Deep gloom  as I calculated how much it would cost to replace!
David went to bed. I stayed up and tried to retrace my steps...I might have uttered a brief prayer or two.....I looked everywhere, convinced that as I couldn't hear it ringing it was lost for ever.....and that was  another irritation....they only ring about three times before going on to someone who talks  just when you don't want her to!
Eventually I found it, on the floor under the sofa in my office. It hadn't been ringing because I'd turned the sound right down so as not to annoy anyone whilst I was listening to a very noisy video!
The thing that bothered me most is not the fact that I'd lost it, or found it eventually but on how dependent I've become on an electronic toy.  My granny should have warned me!  To play with boys toys can be  addictive!

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  1. Did it occur to you that it might not have been lost, just hiding?