Sunday, 2 October 2011

Our dungeon.

We are having great fun with the re ordering of our churches here in the spot where the Cornish saints set up their first cells. There are two churches in this parish. The church of St Just is a well known beauty spot much photographed and sought after by brides. The church of St Mawes is a Victorian edifice and is up a great hill. You have to really want to get there because parking space is very limited.
Both churches have been tirelessly fund raising. Both needed to be updated and both are getting it after a massive year of fund raising.
We are having a new roof on the ancient parish church and work is due to begin soon. This is bringing a certain amount of anxiety to all who know and love it well but ways and means of keeping it up and running are being found to minimize the roof coming off and the organ being put in moth balls. I am answering questions all the time about Christenings, Carol services etc and the best I can usually say is that we are in the hands of the Spirit and doubtless She will sort us all out as we go.
The town church is causing even more excitement. Word has got about that we've found a dungeon. This is not quite true but we have found a small room filled with rubbish that has not seen day light in anyone's living memory! The door was locked, the key lost so eventually a decision was taken to get in by force.
It took them a week of lorries going up and down the hill to clear the room. Excitement mounted. Silver hoard ? Coal store? A body or bodies? No, in the end it is a windowless square room built into rock. We have no idea what it was built for or what it housed but it's very very dark in there!
It's about to become useful though. It's just about adequate for toilet facilities. Though how to dig through the rock to accommodate pipes is not yet clear.
The Holy Spirit has another job here when she's finished at the other one!

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