Friday, 7 October 2011

Phone systems?

Our old phone system was made up of two different manufacturers designs. My husbands, before I arrived was a Bang and Olufsen set which was very stylish indeed. ( I told you on a previous post that he had expensive taste )
I had added to this a BT system which played a different tune for each caller. Not stylish but often useful.
They have worked together mostly compatibly but of late they have fallen out. Neither system was ringing properly and if you were upstairs it was impossible to hear the phone ring downstairs and then a message would appear as if by magic.
So I sent for a new one to replace both old ones. It has four handsets!
This is not as indulgent as it sounds as we have a rambling old house in which the sitting room is upstairs. We have in the last years spent a great deal of time going up and down the stairs explaining why it was taking so long.
Naturally since installing this yesterday it has only rung once and this was an international call which was a recorded message starting "Hello sir".
I have left the B and O recording machine in place on the wall. We shall see if it works or not but it will leave a nasty blemish if I take it down.
Now that I've registered all four handsets it remains to be seen if it actually will do the job!
With my luck it's probably back to the drawing board! Upstairs or downstairs?

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