Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sods law!

This is a follow up to the previous post about phones. Having now got four in the house I thought long and hard before putting one in the bedroom. I do get calls at odd hours and I thought it was probably a good idea!
Often it's a call out to people needing help and sometimes from someone trying to sell us something I don't want.
Anyone after much debate the phone was placed on the little chest of drawers by my side of the bed.
It was dark when it rang this morning. It's not a ringtone I'm used to so it sounded like an alien intrusion. Sitting up I took the phone into my hand and stared at it stupidly. It could have bitten me...sleep had claimed all normal rational reactions. Finally I answered.
My colleague was sick. Could I do the eight o'clock?
Several moments later I was on the move...
I used the anti septic gel several times during the eight o'clock communion. I am still a little deaf and on the third day of anti biotics. I wouldn't have heard if anyone had said anything much....
But as an example of sods law this morning would be hard to beat on the first night ever I had a phone by the rang!

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