Sunday, 16 October 2011

St Just Feast Day.

Having done the eight O clock communion this morning I returned home to report back to the elderly and infirm in our midst. It is St Justs feast day....a more civic than religious event. All the school children and clubs and societies take part in this, carrying their banners high,  down from the lych gate  to the church door.
Thank goodness its not raining. I have in the past preceded some very damp banners to place around the altar!
This year is different though. We handed over the keys to the church to contractors last week and the building is now shrouded in scaffolding.  There is a driveway to the church where the infirm can be driven to a turning circle  and wheeled the rest of the way but not this morning or for several weeks to come.
The only safe route, is the path from the lych gate but as its very steep, its hard work getting back to the top afterwards and especially in a wheel chair.
It is fine for the children who enjoy their pasties as part of the feast but impossible for the really old. I hope its impossible anyway.....some of those I have rung are still set on getting there....I am just worried it could be for the last time...ever.
We sing a wonderful Hymn on these occasions...

All these Cornish shores are holy
Here the saints in prayer did dwell
Raising font and altar lowly
Preaching far with staff and bell
Piran, Petroc, Gerant, Filly
Anthony, Saints Mawes and Just.
There are three more verses but you get the picture I am sure...The sun is shining... Alleluia!

This is a picture of me and Rev Peter Durnford who gave me away on my wedding day walking down the path from the lych gate.

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