Monday, 10 October 2011

Story. The feast that flew away.

One summer a young girl was visiting her aunt who lived on a farm close to the sea. Much like St Mawes! As she approached the front door a great honking followed her. She had to run to escape the great goose bearing down on her with it's neck outstretched, honking.
Safe Inside she asked her aunt why on earth she kept the aggressive bird still, it must be very old now.
The old lady was still for awhile and told her niece the story of the goose.
Many years earlier one of the local sailors had found some big eggs and had brought them back to eat. The old lady had put hers under the hens and several beautiful geese were hatched. She now had a flock of them but the oldest was one of the originals.
A few summers after they had hatched her son told her he was taking a job on a fishing boat. His money would help to pay their taxes.
She cried...she didn't want him to go and he would miss the harvest supper.
He had a good idea...he would take a goose on the boat with him. At harvest time they would kill it for their own feast on board.
His mother relented and off he went with the goose on a rope.
The little girl gazed at her aunt.
"What happened?" she asked..
"That harvest supper we were sitting down to eat when we heard a great honking and flapping of wings . It was the goose but he was alone."
The old lady wiped away a tear. Her son had never come home.
She could never kill the goose even though it had become noisy and aggressive because it was the only thing that knew what had happened to her son and the boat.
He was the thanksgiving feast that few away.

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