Saturday, 1 October 2011

The story Of Chicken Licken

Clearly not everyone had a grandad like mine who was an ace story teller so here is the story referred to in the last post!
Chicken Lickin was walking through the woods one day when a nut fell onto his back and rolled him to the ground. He got up and he ran. Soon he met Ducky Wooky  and  said
"A nut fell on my back and all the world is falling. Quick..let us run." So they ran and then they met Goosey Woosy. They said   "A nut fell on my back and all the world is falling.  Quick let us run"...So they ran and then they met Turkey Lurkey.
They said  to get the message. They went on collecting everyone they met until a great crowd of them were running and gathering up everyone they met....They told them all that the world was falling and so it appeared until someone decided to stop running and I can't remember who or what happened next!
My grandad embellished this story with dramatic gestures and knees drumming when he said "All the world is fallen"  I loved it as a child... but didn't realise then that it was a warning not to get carried away by the crowd....   It ended by him saying   "And so they stopped"  when he would swing me up in the air and hug me!


  1. Thanks for the clarification Jean. Now I understand, but sadly a solution is just as elusive.
    If we all stop running and make a stand how would we ever agree on a solution.?

  2. A very wise surmise,Ray ....