Thursday, 20 October 2011

Village life 5

We've arrived at Portscastho. Its a small fishing village  which does still operate as such. There is so much to say about this lovely place that I am in danger of  over doing it. So I'll try to be concise!
I moved in on  Friday 13 which was not auspicious . Within  two weeks of getting there I had to go off for major surgery.
The village was wonderful...they looked after me which shouldn't have been a surprise because the same village looked after me when my husband died a few years earlier.
It is a thriving busy little place even during the winter. There's a pub and a social club, both of which do good trade all the year round. There are all sorts of clubs and societies, one of which is named after my late husband! Naturally its the investment club!
To say I know everyone there is only a slight exaggeration. There is a delightful chapel at the far end of the lugger and an Anglican church at the top of the hill. I used to sing in the church choir even before I moved in. I first  became the church secretary and then a worship leader on my way to ordination.
Both churches were thriving, and co-operated with each other for all the special occasions.
I visited many of the older people and became the unofficial chauffeur for various old animals owned by people with no access to a car. There is a bus service and a school bus but they are no good for transporting sick animals around. My land rover did the job perfectly!
I would have been happy to stay there until I died had I not met  and married David the second. We now live in St Mawes so I had the problem of what to do about my house.
For four years I let friends and family use it, hard up clergy, honeymoon couples..etc...all welcome.
My kids have it I am happy its being used properly again.
My friends in the village look after my dog if I am away, and he is  greeted by everyone  he meets, they have known him since he was a very young dog!
I used to keep my small boat in the harbour  but now its used by many of the fishermen.
David used to say that his spiritual home was Portscatho when what he actually meant was the village pub...but as description of a place which has been very good for me and to me it will do!
Getting to know everyone there was one of the great pleasure of  my life...
There is a saying that every three years someone rings a bell and they all change partners!  Its not true but sometimes it feels that way as you grow more and more aware of the complicated relationships.
Its worth the time and energy involved to earn the trust of all those good people.
I found scones,  cream and jam on the doorstep the first day I moved in.
Flowers and cards were sent in great abundance when I was ordained and almost the whole village turned up to my party in the village hall...        Thank you Portscatho and God!

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  1. Lovely stories. You make it all sound so perfect and idyllic, but I'm sure that such a mobile life had more than it's share of ups and downs.

    But God's providence resounds through the 5 episodes, he gives us the opportunities for happiness and service - it's how we receive them that counts. Seems to me that you got it mostly right.