Monday, 31 October 2011

Who reads blogs?

I am always amazed by who reads this goes far and wide and there are more readers in the USA than I would ever have imagined possible...
The spread of readers throughout the world is America  and Canada first, then Australia and then Britain and the occasional visit from  Russia and India. I do have a regular contact in Poland which is wonderful as her English is excellent and she gets the jokes!
To think of people with no common language taking the trouble is a truly incredible feeling....I love some of the remarks from a Swedish friend who also regularly beats me at Scrabble.. and now I am fairly ashamed of my own lack of any other language beyond pigeon French and Welsh...
I am truly awed by the numbers recorded . Last week was a quiet week but we are off again winning all records for readership over night...I can only imagine that many of my readers were away for half term!
Lots of my friends do read it, people I have known for over twenty five years or longer ....its a way of keeping up with what I'm doing and sometimes they say I have got a memory wrong or it didn't happen quite like that which is I suppose normal....if 20 of us witness an accident there would be twenty different versions of what happened.
I am not in any way complaining about the numbers, I thinks its wonderful...and long may it continue...
perhaps a few jokes thrown in......or maybe not...I always tell the truth and stay true to my convictions about God and the universe... and its a bit like writing a sermon.....if it starts with a good story then the attention is gained and it might endure for a bit longer....
I know my grandchildren read it...on and off....they are occasionally shocked but  it might  make them think of me as not a crusty old woman... but just as a person..who is happy with her life and all the things in it. And thats worth a great deal.


  1. Shocking grand children? What have you been upto?

    I sometimes shock mine, but not half as much as they have the power to shock me.:(

    Yesterdays tiny things, are now teenagers, using facebook, twitter and new media a lot better than I ever will. But sharing with them can be traumatic sometimes. Especially when I read things, probably meant for friends, not for crusty old grand dad.

    But, they are also our hope for the future, and growing up happens to everyone, I'm still wondering when I will?