Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Angry? Blog it.

I am a pretty even tempered person mostly....but I haven't always been like this.....In my younger days, tearing around from pillar to the next pillar before getting to the post I did have a bit of a cross streak...There I admit it...there have been times when my fuse has been very short was wise to put on a tin hat when coming into a room where I was stressing out.
Now for the most part all is well, I am only over burdened with work occasionally and I get on with most people....computers are the exception here obviously .  They make me cross without even trying!
My daily  set backs consist of small things like  the dog barking just as I'm getting the ideas in line for a sermon!.
So why am I so nadgered this morning? My computer is working just fine.....shhhh  
Its grey outside and damp but in here its warm and cosy.
All is well with my world apart from one E mail which has made me cross.  I've wasted far too much time already trying to write a conciliatory, soothing reply but I've failed because every time I sit down to write, anger, and irritation flood my brain and the really annoying thing is that  its not anything important at all....easily solved with good will on all sides.
All the techniques I learned in my youth are now in review.
Shall I meditate using a candle flame  or a flower to focus on?
Or....sweet music doth soothe the savage brow....  etc.
There's any number of calming influences around what will I do?
First I'll talk to the dear lady whose husband died recently.
Then I'll walk the dog around the field in the rain.
Then I'll plan a nice comforting beef casserole for lunch...with dumplings..
I am already doing the most important thing though. I'm blogging.....and that's the whole point of the exercise  for me.
Instead of harbouring deep dark thoughts and forming all sorts of sentences in my brain  to repel boarders....I am writing it out. a technique used by me for far too many years  but it works.  I no longer want to scream , or send rude emails.
Its done....there, I'm smiling again.    Honestly I am.  :-)))


tootallburd said...

I sometimes write the rude e.mail to get it out of my system ,then delete it, however it's best not to put the recipients e.mail address in,incase you hit the "send" button by mistake!

Ray Barnes said...

I do so know what you mean.
Blogging really is a wonderful invention. These days I mostly (not invariably) contrive to hold my tongue when provoked. The same can not be said for blogging, or commenting on others' blogs.
At least there is usually a small cooling period between wanting to scream abuse and invective and putting the revised version in print.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, I exorcised my past by blogging about it. I found it cathartic and now have no need to stew over it x

Bab's said...

I like it and I agree that blogging is most useful for getting things off one's chest and releasing frustration. There is one proviso and that is that the blog doesn't become one long diatribe and is balanced with the odd sunny hurrah moment :)

UKViewer said...

I always think that if I press the send button accidentally, I might live to regret it. So, have a cup of tea, give one of the Cats (or the wife, if available) a cuddle and I normally regain enough composure to realise that life is to short.

Blogging helps, normally reading others and commenting. Very relaxing.