Saturday, 19 November 2011

Candles and red tape?

I am not sermonising for the most part in this blog  but this week I have been talking about the gospel from Matthew where Jesus is telling the disciples that in doing things for the least of us we are also doing them to  Him.  I included in this  the Celtic tradition of hospitality to strangers just in case they were  Jesus.
This led me on to the subject of charity and not wanting it to be too heavy I ended with  what has happened to me this week with the Christingle society.
I tried to order all our stuff  during the week  and kept getting a notice saying my order had been received but the payment process had not  worked. I tried several times before I gave up on the net  and just rang  them and placed  the order by phone. I then got four emails saying my order had been received . Then another saying the same thing. Five in all...
Yesterday a parcel arrived.....only one as yet....but I fear we are going to have more red sticky tape and candles than we can use in several years!
My other concern is that each time I ordered, I pledged £20 as a donation.  Am I now going to find that in fact this donation has now gone up to £120?
Its not the end of the world and I can deal with it.......but my main problem is ,  how will I know if I ring the Children's society again that its not Jesus at the other end?

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  1. Since posting that just half an hour ago another parcel has arrived......only three more to go!