Monday, 7 November 2011

Geeky problems!

There are few things in this life which make me more cross than an inanimate object refusing to do what you want it to do....computers were made with just this in mind.
They are a test, first of human ingenuity and then of patience. As I am almost at the point of flinging the lap top out of the window I have let off steam by using the iPad which has it's faults but is obedient ....mostly.
I bought the new lap top less than a year ago and at first it was brilliant . An apple Mac book, easy to use. no problems.
Then I put Lion on it and that was also great...and again no problems.
We ran into trouble with the update......first it took all day and then it just kept going most of the night, the daisy wheel going round and round so that I had to turn it off manually.
Since then it has refused to cooperate! No matter what I try to do the bleep bleep daisy wheel just goes round. The only way to stop it is to force a quit. This has happened several times today and I am back to the good old iPad. Solid reliable iPad...
Beam me up Scotty......please.
I wonder if threats might work........start behaving or I'll sing hymns to you all day!
Then I'll preach.....oh dear, I am now treating it like a person. It's going back to the shop tomorrow...that'll teach it!

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  1. Lots of sympathy! Do you back up to a hard disk using Time Machine? Sometimes rolling back the update, using a utility like Onyx to check everything, or Applejack to clear up all the system crashes and the mess they leave behind, can cure things. Bet you probably knew that anyway, so forgive me for stating t'obvious.

  2. Sounds like it's got the hump about something. Perhaps restoring to factory standard would work, but that would mean upgrading to Lion all over again.

    Pen and paper are looking good from here.