Sunday, 27 November 2011

Gremlins? IN church?

Things going wrong around me just now have become the norm . I try not to  take it  personally.
I have done battle with  the iPhone, the iPad  and the lap top over the last few days!  I am getting used to the feeling of abject helplessness it engenders. However when the same gremlins turn up in church then it could just be time to start worrying.
The sound system has not worked for a some time so its just as well my teacher voice can cope!
We didn't need the karaoke machine which was good  as that's gone loopy too.
WE did have an organist.....Thank you God,  but when I got there she had failed to find any way of making the pedals work.
The person setting up the church,  being on holiday,  nothing was in the right place and there was fierce dispute about the advent candles....the man who said he always did it clashed with the church warden who said it was her job,,,,,and you all know how that went I'm sure.
I got all the right books out for Advent...talked them through  the  three year cycle of readings and we still hadn't got the organ sorted out.
Off I went to robe up whilst another man fiddled with everything in sight.....the candles were not lit and it was almost time to start.
The lady organist prepared to play without benefit of pedals when she had a brainwave....she turned the whole thing off.
It worked. Treating it as if it was a computer worked!
If only life followed in the same way......something not quite right, just shut it down. It would be so glad to be turned back on again it would behave itself!
I am hoping this run of gremlins in the works is coming to an end.
After all its New Year in the church......And a very Happy one to all!
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