Thursday, 3 November 2011

I'll be there dreckly.

People like to grumble....Having a good moan is one of life's pleasures especially on a gloomy day in winter...And they do do I sometimes but I hear a lot of moans on a fairly regular basis. Doctors, tradesmen, the weather....all grist to the moaning mill.
The problem is that my conception always varies, sometimes by quite a lot. The doctors and their receptionists are unfailingly helpful to me and my husband.
So you can only speak about your own experience. To repeat what others have told you without checking the facts is simply gossip and can cause damage if the original grumble is repeated too often.
The main subject of gossip in a small village is very often the tradesmen. The plumbers, electricians, builders etc are often busy and fail to make their deadlines...Do it too often in a small village and you are out of work because every one knows...
My husband was a builder and knows all the local tradesmen well. Some of them have  worked for him at various times...and there is a great deal of respect on every side when one of them is asked to do a job.
So yesterday when we had a problem in our bathroom David was would be fixed dreckly he said...Dreckly being Cornish for manyanna.
Around 4 yesterday afternoon he rang the local electrician and left a message for him.
There was a knock on the door about 5 pm and there he was beaming and  pleasant.
He diagnosed the problem needed a part and said he'd be back in the morning.''
"I'll wait till your back from church " he said..."Around eleven?"
Bless him. He'd not only come straight round after his days work, he knew that on Thursday morning we do the midweek communion together.
I have no doubts that he will be here when we get back.
And then there will be light again in the bathroom!

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  1. How lucky you are to live in such a place Jean. Here, finding a trustworthy, qualified and prompt tradesman is a bit like panning for gold.
    That said, when I do find one, I keep his details in half a dozen places for future use and never fail to recommend him to others.
    My maternal grandfather used to say "dreckly", but in his case, usually when my grandmother wanted him to come and help with something, it meant "not if I can help it".