Sunday, 6 November 2011

Joyous singing.

We had an organist in church  this morning which was a great treat after using the karaoke machine last time! A part of the treat was that I had chosen the hymns and they were all tunes  that I love....if your going in for self indulgence you might as well do it properly.
We ended with "Jesu lover of my soul." sang to the tune of Aberystwyth.   This is one of my favourites and as I roared it out I remembered again  that it had been a hymn we had sung every Sunday morning when I was in the college choir.
I was actually the leader of the choir and this was on the whole an onerous task since every week I had to learn all the stuff  we were going to sing with a very demanding lady choir master.
The icing on the cake though was that as we sang at  the Eisteddford every year we also had a visiting  Welsh choir master...
He was wonderful and his aim to make the rafters shake was very nearly achieved. Our warm up hymn every Sunday was "Jesu, lover of my soul" we sang it with variations, with descent, loudly and  softly, but always with gusto   and not a little love!
It has stayed a favourite  of mine ever since and was one we sang at my ordination.
Singing it again this morning with a good organist and a church willing to give voice was a great delight.
It will now stay with me all day and I might be heard giving it some wellie later as I walk the dog round the garden....  Alleluia!
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