Monday, 14 November 2011

My Monday morning wedding.

Twas on a Monday morning.....that we got married 6 years ago today!  I was then the curate of four parishes and David was the Church warden of one of them. It had to be quiet....we knew that if the parishes were in the picture it would become a much bigger affair than we wanted it to be so we chose Monday morning as the best option.
My tutor was asked to perform the ceremony and she and I had a hen night the night before after doing Evensong!   Th ancient priest who had been my spiritual advisor gave me away.   Gladly!
The only other people were the other church wardens and their spouses. One of the spouses played the organ and the verger rang the bells!
It was perfect.  A lovely bright sunny day. Afterwards we all went out to lunch at a hotel with a veranda looking out to sea and drank Rose Champagne.  An amazing day, still remembered by the parish in amazement.
The parish priest was off long term sick and that night we had a PCC meeting. David was the chairman so we did have to be there.
When we arrived they had laid on cake and champagne...and one of them said happily
"This is what we had to do to make sure we always have  a priest in the parish...marry one of them. "
It was a wonderful happy day for us all....not just me and David...and long may it continue.
We are now aiming at the tenth one which at our ages would be a miracle!
But we all know we can do the impossible. Miracles takes a wee while longer!
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