Friday, 18 November 2011

Original blog 2007

During the last days of attempting to sort out various computer problems I have been driven back to the last computer on several occasions  and its proving very interesting. In the documents I kept finding something labelled Original blog.  I've skipped over it till this morning when I decided to risk a peep. I will take time to read it all but for now I've just done the first few posts....going back to the summer of 2007. When it was apparently raining!    I've copied and pasted a bit from the beginning.

Several sun filled days.....what a difference! My children are staying over in Portscatho where I used to live before I married David.There was no hot water when they arrived and no TV. The Sky engineer was sent for and a plumber. We still have had no word from the plumber but the Sky man said he would go on Saturday afternoon. He phoned to say he was behind...not to worry..they waited in on Saturday night....still no man. Eventually they got a call from St Mawes which is where I live now. "I am on my way" he said..".Give me the details of how to find you." He wanted the post code. HP said my son....for Harry Potter. The man was very suspicious. "Hang on" he said, 'The house is called "Potters End" Is this a wind up?" No it wasn't just one of those weird coincidences you get from time to time. He finally arrived at 10.30, in the dark and gave them a choice. Cut down the mimosa tree which in the last five years has grown to massive height or move the dish. The dish was finally moved at 11pm....end of Sky enginners day!
 We are taking my grand daughter and son out for the day today. I asked if she would like to go to see the Eden project.
" Ummmm" she said"Its all plants there"
 Even when I said there was a shop I did not  get her interest. Welcome to the wonderful world of teenage girls. Falmouth looks favourite at the moment.....they have shops there!
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There you are.  Nothing has really changed at all!  Since 2007.  
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