Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Posh nosh.

Having to go into Truro this morning made me realise yet again just how lucky we are .
Shopping is  always a joy....the day I no longer I enjoy it you'll know my end is nigh!  Having got the laptop introduced to the cloud I then had time to go to Marks and Spencers for some much needed food shopping.  We can now eat again.....and what  a choice!
Sorry to take you back down memory lane again but I do remember a time when everything was on ration and food in very short supply. My mother would leave me in one queue whilst she queued elsewhere every Saturday morning. I still remember the thrill of my first banana and ice cream! 
The whole diet was simple....peasant food really. always good and wholesome but with little or no choice...
Today's array of food is amazing. Its not long since the first "foreign" food arrived in the shops, avocados, mangos, even pineapples were  the stuff dreams were made of.
Now M and S produce such a variety of ready meals as well as wonderful meat and fish that had we seen it 50 years ago we would have thought it fit only for the very rich and thats the problem for those of us with a too well developed social conscience. 
The difference in the rich, the not so rich and the poor is highlighted by the choice of food available. 
Its no good having all this stuff if you can't afford it buy it. 
I have a friend who is posh....very posh,  and she regards shopping as a heaven sent gift from God...
One of my favourite lines from her was 
"In the old days people like us had servants to cook for us. Now we have Marks and Spencer." It was said with no trace of irony.
There is some truth in that statement but then you have to consider those whose limited budgets are getting stretched ever tighter....Things are tough today....even in this village full of large expensive houses there are families living on the bread line,  families  who are hard pushed to provide their children with warm clothing in the winter and shoes that don't let water in. 
I try hard not to feel bad about our way of life in comparison with others.  It makes me an easy target for the charities ringing in daily.  Having a social conscience can be  a nuisance at times!  I have no plans to become a latter day Lady Bountiful! 

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