Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Christmas play!

The school nativity play last night was lovely...and the message was not to discriminate by colour....the story was about a blue star shunned by its peers until it was befriended by the Star of Bethlehem. Baby Jesus was,  as always a bit part player...done extremely well by the  slightly pink plastic doll!
It brought back so many memories that I was quite misty in places....
Every Christmas I wrote a play....and we did it at the local theatre....rejoicing in the name of Summerseat Players.  I rehearsed the carols with the help of my musical daughter who at around seven could play any instrument and any tune.... She could even transpose the carols higher or lower because as her teacher said...."She doesn't know its hard to do so she just does it"
One year the play had several children in it plus adults and we rehearsed it in the couple of weeks before Christmas.   Naturally the children knew their lines from the beginning whereas equally naturally the adults didn't.
On the great night I was stage manager , props and producer all rolled into one and took up my place by the curtains to swish them  too and fro at appropriate moments.
All went well.   Carols were sung, readings done, the moment arrived for the cast of the play to get onto the stage. My daughter put down her flute and became a cast member.
All went well until one  of the adults forgot his lines....there was a longish  pause until another adult put the next line in.
My daughter sprang forward and said
"That's my line not yours." She then took up centre stage and said the line again.  
Never did get the hang of  working in the theatre bless her.
All productions at Christmas are at best precarious events but the best things is that the audience has gone to see their own child prodigy perform and it doesn't really matter if things go wrong.....its all part of the fun.
So when occasionally  it all goes pear shape...its even greater fun!   Enjoyed by all....especially parents and grandparents.
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