Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Crab fights back.

After having crab at supper time last night I had a massive reaction during the night. No sleep. Projectile vomiting. Etc
My first trip to the bathroom in daylight revealed that someone had been stabbed several times with bright red splashes everywhere.
Fortunately by morning the decor had turned to greenish yellow.
I am still in bed. OH thinks he's in charge but it's actually the dog who would drag me out now if he could.
Sorry for the gruesome detail. I may never eat crab again.
I am drinking water in small sips. Later I could graduate to dry toast. Two other times in my life this has worked for me. Morning sickness and after anaesthetic !
Let's hope after crab works in the same way'
Waste no sympathy on me. Up to last night I was absurdly happy with everything. I will bounce back. Have no fear!

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  1. You will undoubtedly soon bounce back into your usual sunny self.

    [However - unsolicited medical advice warning - you must be extremely careful about ever eating crab again. From my own experience, I have gradually developed an allergy to most seafood over the years since eating one bad prawn. It is gradually getting worse (can still do scallops, but everything else is off limits). Also you need to tell doctors if asked about allergies as you should not have iodine dressings]

    See, blogging can be useful, if depressing!

    So, I will attempt to cheer us both up by saying how much I appreciate your blog. Also how much I admire your ability to keep your posts concise!

    Get well soon...(but take the opportunity to rest...)

  2. I hope you are feeling more like your 'apparently' robust self, really soon.
    Although I claim to be vegetarian, this is not strictly true, I do eat some fish, but no shellfish ever.
    Having had an extreme reaction in my 20's have never touched them since.
    Dry toast and water (preferably boiled, and cooled) is a pretty fool-proof recipe for recovery from any form of food poisoning (unless of course, of the 'fatal' variety.
    Blessings, better soon!.

  3. Thank you Ray and Laura. Good friends both. My husband had a reaction to an oyster years ago and has not eaten one since! he has now started to feel sick too damm it! Soon the dog will be the one in charge!

  4. Now my son has started tonthrow up so much for my good i idea!

  5. I do hope you are winning the battle?

  6. I am Laura but its slow......I cannot even contemplate food.....and this morning Ive removed every bit of sea food from the fridge....all now in the bin....Warm milk and honey is helping! Thank you!