Thursday, 1 December 2011

A cradle of news paper ?

Yesterday I was sent a most unlikely poem. Its by Alan Titchmarsh who I have met... but had not realised  was  a committed  Christian.....however the poem touches a subject many of us hold dear so I am sharing it....

Extract from A New Nativity   by Alan Titchmarsh.
When all those long, long years ago
A child came down to earth below
To save the likes of you and me
From evil, harm and misery
Do you suppose that even then
There were some doubting heedless men
Who rather than believe the word
JUst turned their backs and never heard?
If Jesus Christ was born today
In newspapers instead of hay,
I doubt He’s even come to be
In News at Ten’s “ And finally”
For now its hard to be impressed
With goodness, gentleness and blessed
With something more than mere sensation
A baby born to save a nation?

Gives pause for thought? 

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