Friday, 2 December 2011

Daft CRB checks.

Cuts cuts and more cuts are inflicted upon us all as we try to save money on waste and profligate spending.. I am all in favour of spending tax payers money wisely and in this climate its essential that some cut backs are put in place. So I have identified one area where some saving might be made.
CRB checks!   They are now almost a dirty set of words!  Obviously some checks need to be in place though I haven't noticed that crime has been much reduced in the last years....but what is absurd is that sometimes people have to have multiple checks.
I for instance have checks for the work in the Church and another one for being a school governor.
My husband helps out at stroke clubs after his first wife had one. He has to fill in the form  several times for each individual club!
The whole system is just plain daft. Surely if you have one check done it should remain in place for all the other things you might need it for.
No one wants to see the vulnerable, young or old harassed in any way....but a simpler system must be possible than the present systems of repeating over and over again that you have had no dealing with the police on any related  issues.
It costs us all  money each time its done. Over and over again.
If this government was to take just one sensible step,  this one way might bring them some much needed crediblity. Ot is that just asking too much?


  1. I think you just answered your own question Jean. Of course it's asking too much. Someone would have to coordinate the central database, and a degree in common sense would be needed for that to happen.
    Sorry, no chance.

  2. CRB checks are the bane of the 21st century. When I was a young organist I could take a choir practice without worry; bellringing is the same; towers captains have to be checked. If they had been around when I was in my teens I would not have done half the things I did nor had the opportunities I did. One check ought to be enough. Our peripatetic staff have to have one for each school they go to. All part of the cotton wool society we live in.