Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy hooting.

I stayed up longer than I intended last night having a friendly natter on twitter. I came out wondering if the fireworks were going to happen. We live high up over looking Falmouth. All the fireworks can be seen from both our sitting room and bedroom windows so opening the curtains I waited to see what would happen. It had been raining all day and wind was blowing great splatters onto the windows.
There were some bangs but I think the huge displays may have been postponed. Instead something really odd happened. The boat that appeared to be moored just off the meadow below here started to hoot. It was a few small hoots at first, then other hoots came from all around the harbor. Some were token short hoots but some were longer statements. High pitched hoots, deep throated hoots, the sound travelled and reminded me of being greeted when our cruise ship entered port.
As a greeting to the New year it worked for me. I closed the curtains and put out the lights.
Falling asleep I could still hear the sound of gentle hooting as the boats up the river joined in.
And the fireworks will be a little late this year!

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