Monday, 12 December 2011

Ho Ho Ho etc.

I got up this morning with the sudden realisation that it was Christmas......and that I had a dozen things to do before breakfast.  Naturally its taken me till almost lunch time before doing them all....
I did manage to get my grandson's birthday card in the first post but its been downhill all the way since then....
The first visitor found me trying to book a Christmas delivery date for Tesco .
She said loftily   "Oh you've left it very late this year." And I had.....the best they could manage was the Wednesday before Christmas.....but that will do!
The second visitor found me sorting out the Christmas bidding prayers and blessings which being on the old computer had to be sent by email to the new one!   He said much the same as the first one to the effect that I've left it very late!
Neither of them were wrong!
Why?   I knew it was Advent Three yesterday therefor logic says its just one more Sunday till D day....but it still came as a shock!
Part of the answer is that we have been too busy planning the next trip....We have now printed off the e tickets and the luggage labels and booked various wonderful things and this has taken up most of our was almost as big a shock to my husband as it was to me when I announced that the school Nativity was tomorrow followed by the Christmas dinner at school on Wednesday and then they break up on Thursday!
This more than anything else made it serious!
There is not a mince pie in the house....we have not discussed the bird...or indeed the fish...I cannot remember a time when it all arrived in such a rush....but hey its Christmas......and I love it.....Ho Ho Ho etc...      

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  1. You need a secretary, and no, I'm not volunteering.
    I don't do Christmas (apart from the church part.
    Have fun.