Monday, 5 December 2011

Internet gadgets.

Searching for presents on the internet is for the most part does save so much walking!  But its only wonderful when it works!  It  is also a good way of getting very frustrated indeed!
Having browsed various sites for large men...David  comes into that category...its annoying to find the item of desire is now out of stock in all the large sizes!
Also it has to be said I am not good at sizes......Changing everything  from inches to centimetres did not  quite often things I've ordered without seeing them arrive much much bigger than I'd intended!   I have a new policy this year for grand daughters....I am going to send them cheques! I am sure they would rather spend the money than receive what I have sent them in the past!  Chunky jewellery, dubious smelly things,  scarves etc.
 At least I've never sent anyone socks!
Ah   so maybe this year.......I could get away with it!    Hmmmm
One year I bought my husband a toy aeroplane that would actually fly.   First trip out to the garden it got picked up by the wind  and it had its  first and last flight all at once...
Gadgets are great.....but you have to be sure the recipient hasn't already got them!
Traditional gifts like books, records etc are now old fashioned....kindles and iPods have replaced them!
The present I bought David two years ago has stood the test of time.....its a small globe that floats free with no means of support....held in place by magnetic force.....its still there and its a very useful warning that our electricity has gone off as the globe thumps down!
All I need  now is  some inspiration......or it might have to be socks!  Huge ones!
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