Thursday, 8 December 2011

The joys of Sat Nav

We do have fun here....particularly with people who follow  sat nav directions.
These  machines can be wonderful....and I have many times been delivered to the right place at the right time by virtue of following all the instructions by bossy women whose favourite line seems to be..
"Now, make a u turn when possible. "
LIving here though does provide some glorious moments when other people,  unfamiliar with the area follow the instructions to the letter.
Our last house was on the cliff just above  the town. There was a very steep narrow lane leading up from the sea wall. I once stood on our balcony to see the archdeacon desperately trying to get to the top of it because his sat nav  was telling him too.  I ran down and gave him the right directions which started with....Go back down the lane but you'll have to reverse....there's nowhere to turn!  He needed a stiff drink when he finally arrived....he got coffee!
The other major problem now we live right outside the village is that  the post code covers a large area...three farms  and  two cottages all down bumpy lanes so they often take the wrong turning.   The man delivering solar panels to us this morning had arrived late last night and had slept in his van.....parked on someone else's drive!  
Another hazard for the unwary is the ferry....the car ferry that links us to Truro does not work at for those who are travelling in the dark they arrive at the ferry to find they have a very long wait for it to open....most elect to go the long way  round by road sooner than sit and wait there all night.
Our sat nav is just just doesn't know about all the new roads built in the last year or so,  so we only switch on when we are well clear!
Apart from that they do make life easier than it used to be when going to strange places......though I have to say that as the navigator most times in my husband's car I find following the map directions on the iPad easier to cope with!
Sat navs in cars do though now make it possible to travel hopefully and to arrive in good heart!  Mostly!


  1. Sat navs can make life interesting.
    I don't drive, but John did, and for the last 2 or 3 years of his life always used sat nav when doing a journey to somewhere new.
    On one occasion, we were heading for a meeting with other U3A members to visit Enid Blyton's house on the Thames.
    We knew we had to reach a particular bridge but every time we followed our 'leader' she tried to drown us.
    Again and again we used logic to find our crossing and every time she instructed us in impeccable English to enter the water.
    Finally thoroughly exasperated we wound the window down and asked someone.
    We arrived (late), a few minutes later.

  2. It is strange how she doesn't seem to see water....The Fals not quite as big as the Thames but you wouldn't want to drive into it even at low water!