Sunday, 11 December 2011

A spider in bed.

Having been up early to do the 8am communion I left my husband in bed to wave me of the best bits of his week!  On return I went upstairs to make the bed and found we had had company during the night. Under his pillow was a large  spider!
I am not phobic about spiders.....but I definitely don't like them...Its a combination of the way they move so quickly and how they manage to trap things for lunch!  Their larders with dead things dangling  are the stuff of nightmare.
During my brief flirtation with Buddhism I went through a non killing home became a haven for every sort of horrid insect!  When we were trying to sell the house  we were startled to find how many spiders lived in the glass porch!  They were putting prospective buyers off and had to go!  
Now I don't kill much but there are exceptions such as snails and greenfly outside and spiders inside.
Thank goodness the spider under the pillow this morning was already squashed when I uncovered  it but I found myself devoutly hoping that it had not crawled over me to get to him....even if it was very cold last night!
Tonight will be the first night of spider watch....I am not sure how long it will last but I will check every nook and cranny before retiring!
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