Sunday, 4 December 2011


I am going to church with my husband this morning which is lovely because he can drive!  He still goes to "his" church every Sunday whilst I dash around the Roseland. so it is great when I have a chauffeur!
It is sad but true that recently we have had some vandals around the village doing things like scraping keys along the sides of cars, letting down tyres etc......fairly small things but likely to cause some grief if its done to you!
People are wonderful.....I get phone calls now asking if I need a lift anywhere?
I always refuse with grateful thanks but it is very nice to know that a lift is there if I need it.  The chances of anyone in a small village having their car vandalised when its out of season with few visitors  is very small which makes it even more of a worry!
However the time  when I lived in Essex and used to tie my bike up at the station most evenings whilst I worked in London has made me resilient to it all.  In the under path in one place there were two rapes and one murder during my period of commuting. One poor man threw himself off the station bridge onto the cycle path I was using one night.  After I'd gone thankfully!
Its made me fairly unimpressed with whats happening here.
Buts its still good to have a chauffeur occasionally  .  Bless him.

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