Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Actual work!

We have had a morning of sorting out. I got a bag together of our dirty clothes when I realized just how long we'd been wearing some of them! This involved everything being sifted through and put back tidily. It was the closest we've come to work in three weeks. Then our interim bills arrived. I noticed they had failed to charge me for some silver I'd bought for my dog sitter whilst at the same time my husband David noticed they charged him for it! Down to the pursers office we went. We have never merged our finances... I certainly didn't want him to pay my bill! There was an enormous queue. People clutching their bills clogged the lobby! They seemed to have made a spectacular number of mistakes. Getting my problem solved was easy and just required a signature . Others were not so easy. Tempers were evident, voices raised. The girl I dealt with was harassed and sweet tempered. I smiled at her and reassured her that it was not a problem....I just needed to know that my husband was not going to pay for my profligacy. So after the busiest morning we've had since we got here we are now waiting to go into the final lecture of out friend Richard. It's rather dull outside anyway! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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