Friday, 6 January 2012

Are you following your star?

The Wise men  have this week arrived at the cradle...
I have been interested in the Wise men and their star for a long time not least because during my hippie years I  became an Astrologer....  I suppose I have always felt the magic...  the white variety of course! 
I was drawn to Astrology because I could already read grandmother taught me more than herbalism in the fields when I was very young! .....Astrology was for me a tool to play with, never an attempt to make money...and I did enjoy those years until moving to London another star rose in the East and I  went off on a completely different path! 
Following a call and seeing the path clear ahead is what the three wise men chose to do and lo by some miracle they all arrived in Bethlehem at the right time!  That's Astrology for you!  
The message here is for us all to follow our own personal stars which will be different according to our interests and abilities I suppose.. but that feeling of being called is real, is true and should therefor be listened to. Ignore your call at your peril! 
Not all calls lead to the church....a vocation to look after people is just as valid a call as is becoming an ordained minister. 
Once you have started on your path amazing things can happen...and no one puts it better than Auden in this poem

He is the way
Follow Him through the land of unlikeness
You will see rare beasts and have unique adventures
He is the Truth
Seek Him in the kingdom of anxiety
You will come to a great city that has expected your return for years,
He is the Life.
Love Him in the world of the flesh
And at your marriage all its occasions shall dance for joy.

Amen to that!  


  1. I agree absolutely with the theory of this, but the practice is something quite different.
    There are many people whose star/calling is obvious to everyone else, but not to them.
    There are those who recognise it too late in life to do anything active about it, and then, there are those, like me, whose lives are so cloud and fog filled that they are unable to see, let alone recognise their star even though it is clearly visible to others.
    What is the solution, perhaps a trip to Spec savers?
    It is a sad thing to live with regret for what might/ought to have been.

  2. I agree with Ray Barnes, except that I'm trying to skip the "regret" bit. I am only aware of one call, which in one way led nowhere, but in others led everywhere. That is, I was called to go to church on Christmas day 2004. It felt like a command. But things went wrong, and 6 years later, I had a call just as strong to leave that particular church. I have a fuzzy idea that I may have been of limited help to people along the way, and other people helped me with my spiritual development for sure, but even so, I think, " What was all that about then?"

    I am getting old, and my energy levels aren't what they were, so I sometimes wonder, "What can I do for God now?" even my hearing-aid isn't helping me to hear him say what he would like me to do.

  3. Ray and Kathrn. Thank for that. Maybe call is too strong a word. A notion may be. A desire to do something different. One thing I am sure of though is that if there is a job to do somewhere Godvhas his own way of recruiting and I think that you've both experienced that at some stage!

  4. in 1988 Jean you did my horoscope for me a part of a birthday present, after reading your blog I got it out (safe in a file labelled legal)
    It is amazing how accurate you were, and, you were convinced that even at my ripe old age (50) education was the way forward Little did I know that later on retirement I would go to further ed and do my 'A' levels. So thank you for my personal horoscope it will be in my care till I am no longer on this earth

  5. Gosh Babs I had forgotten that completely! You are very kind but as I don't even remember doing it I have no idea as to its accuracy!

  6. Believe me jean you were pretty accurate I hadn't read it for years until yesterday you clever old thing so many hidden talents xx