Monday, 9 January 2012

Crispins holiday!

Please don't worry about Crispin!  I have had a number of communications from people  having a little worry about my dog!   He is as well as any 14 year old golden retriever can be and is going on his holidays too!
His second parents Val and Terry love having him and he clearly thinks they are an answer to a doggy prayer. He watches his bag being packed wagging his tail and stamping his feet with excitement.
They have been friends for many years and have known him since he was tiny.
Without them I would have found my year as an ordinand close to impossible...they walked and fed him and cherished him whilst I was on retreat and they really are people I trust completely .
My son lives just around the corner and will be on hand to step into any breaches..
This morning he and I are transporting hundred weights of food and treats to his holiday home......we could do with a fork lift truck!
They live on the coastal path with easy access to sea , sand and rabbits!  He used to chase the rabbits but he really can't be bothered now unless one stumbles across his path!
All his old friends are around the place...human and canine.....he will have a glorious time in my absence and if the worst happens and I pray it does not then they are people I trust completely to make the right decision in my absence.
So don't worry about Crispin.....every body loves him!

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