Thursday, 5 January 2012

Dieting makes you fat.

I joked yesterday that the only good news about seafood poisoning was that at least the post Christmas diet was unnecessary! The thought of food still makes me feel queasy!
Dieting used to be a constant for me...a way of life right through my adult years which I never questioned....if I wanted to stay slim I had to keep the diet under control...Eventually what I ate would have been hard pushed to keep a bird alive...I stayed slim but at a cost....of almost ruining my health since the body was starting to develop all sorts of problems caused by insufficient fuel to deal with the demands of a job and family.
A book came to my notice....It was called "Dieting makes you fat" I devoured it cover to cover and it made complete sense..It described what had happened to me in that whilst I was dieting I was subjecting my body to famine conditions and the way the body dealt with it was to store even more  fat against even harder times...
I had noticed the law of diminishing returns seemed to be holding sway with me..If we went away or it was Christmas and I ate normally my body used to immediately go into overdrive on the fat producing front.  I could return home from holiday  weighing  a stone more than I went.
The book made described the need to diet all the time as a chronic eating what was I going to do?
I already walked my dog twice a day so exercise  was  in had to be something more drastic...
On my fiftieth birthday I gave up dieting for ever...
I didn't over eat, I just ate what other normal people ate and of course I got plump!  My husband was not best pleased with this new me at all....he preferred the slim line version but I persisted with not dieting.
After a year I was definitely body was talking its time to adjust to the new regime....I leapt from a size 12 to a size 16... so .a new wardrobe became urgent...
I wish I could say that after a year or so I became thin again but I didn't.  I did return to plump though and still am but this is healthy blood pressure is the best its been since I was young and by and large I am fairly fit for an old lady.
Thinking back now to those years when I did have an eating disorder I am grateful to have found the book and been able to act upon it...It took more determination to resolve not to diet than it did to diet and I had to be prepared to live with the results .  But I did and I am.... Thank you God.
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