Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Dolphins and turtles.

Another of my blogs has now been transported without trace to the graveyard of all unsolicited testimonials. I have no rational explanation for this save the ships Internet is very quirky. Sometimes it's efficient but never fast! We had an excellent lunch and met some very pleasant people, one of whom was the lecturer on the Panama canal. Apparently the Queen Elizabeth actually hit the side in one place and she carries a long scar to prove it. The consensus was that it could only be the pilot to blame! It's not so fiercely hot now...in fact I have had a swim and a sit in the sun again. We saw another massive pod of dolphins as we passed fairly close and it was remarkable how they leapt whilst staying perfectly aligned with each other. There are also turtles to be seen paddling just under the surface. This mornings lecture was by Gerald Scarfe. He and Jane Asher had been invited to our lunch but they prefer to eat privately. An actress from Eastenders was there however. We are passing Mexico right now and there will be another day at sea before we visit the only town it's safe to visit! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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