Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ecumenical on board.

The approach of Sunday brings a new set of small anxieties. There is a Catholic priest on board. I have not met him but I know he conducts a mass every morning. Last night there was an eve of Sabbath service by the rabbi. What is entirely missing is an Anglican or Episcopalian presence. It's alright for me. I can do my own thing in my cabin but for those on board for three months it can get desperate. I got on very well with the Roman priests on previous trips , went to lectures etc but they are unable to break the rules and give non Catholics communion. The first one I met was lovely. We had lunch together and he said he would help if the Commodore allowed it. So on my first long trip I with the help of an Episcopalian I did a communion every Sunday night. Last year the entire boat had flu. I was in no fit state to distribute my bugs so I kept as low a profile as possible. We are approaching Sunday again . It goes against the grain to actually take on the job...If for no other reason it draws attention to myself . This week I will probably do nothing. I will wait to see if I'm needed. A quote God give me work till my life is over And life till my work is done. Winnifred ( Holtby ). I think. He usually does! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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