Saturday, 21 January 2012


What a day! We started out early so had no way of judging the temperature until later. It was 24 degrees and very warm. We were bussed to a water safari park where we climbed into a flat bottomed boat. At first the stream was a typical tropical landscape. Apart from one or two reclining alligators. Then the tough woman driver drove straight for a grassy bank. I braced myself. I was sitting right at the front. First in the water if we hit it. We drove straight through it. The river was the river of grass and the rest of the journey seemed to be overland apart from the odd splash . Alligators lined the banks in recumbent pose but they can move fast if that way inclined. A young man showed us how tame some of them were. They put up their heads as their names were called. I assume the titbits were not the remains of the previous party. The whole thing was brilliant. We saw the babies and the old ones free to wander. One of them had found a cat flap in a neighbouring house and the lady got home one day to find a young gater on her rug! The Eco system is now human tampering. They wish to keep this amazing water park safe. I hope they manage to do just that!

- this old boy was just having a little nap by the path No one disturbed him ! Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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