Sunday, 29 January 2012

Gods Grandeur.

Today is Sunday and the weather has changed . The sultry humidity of the tropical heat has been replaced by a brisk wind and white horses are galloping the sea. It's very beautiful. Away from home it's always a problem on Sundays as some sort of worship, different from the daily office seems called for. This morning I have been reading Gerard Manley Hopkins again. This wonderful Jesuit poet touches my heart over and over at every reading. Gods grandeur was the one that caught me this morning. It is all too easy on a ship in the middle of the ocean to feel the joy of the spirit as a very real presence. I always say whenever I preside that I am going with the spirit and by and large this true, warts and all! The last lines of Gods grandeur says it all. "Oh morning at the brown brink eastward springs Because the Holy Ghost over the bent World springs with warm breast And with ah, bright wings." Amen to that. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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