Sunday, 8 January 2012


I am using the word guilt but it should be recognised  as Protestant guilt which is much less intense than Catholic guilt..
I am also  fully aware that my going on an extended cruise this year is self indulgent. It is against all the trends of poor economic growth for the country and for I apologise to anyone who thinks I should be tightening my belt with the rest of the country!
I work a fairly full week on no pay and never claim expenses. We are both fortunate in having pensions that can fund our life style providing we are not out spending money during the rest of the year! We have worked hard for our present situation and are going to enjoy it.
Please also  bear in mind that David and I are old....we are also fairly newly married having lost our spouses through ill health and we are always aware that it could be our turn next and that this time next year we could have gone aloft with the cat and the dog!
WE are also fairly fit....we can climb on and off tenders and look at all the wonders we are visiting without  wheel chairs . So we have to explore  the world whilst we can and try not to feel too bad about it.
I always seem to end up working where ever I am... so I have got one dog collar packed just in case!
If God finds work for me then so be it!
But our main aim this year is not to get enjoy everything we are going to see, and I will dissipate some of the guilt by blogging as I go!
I might even get the hang of showing pics!
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