Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hygiene please!

Now we have got rid of one set of guests and taken on a new set in New York we are back to very stringent hygiene procedures. We had had them over the first couple of days out from Southampton but they were relaxed very quickly . Today they are back. Hands are squirted with antiseptic gel where ever you go. Food is given to you rather than helping yourself. The problem with this is that I always get far more than I can eat. I approach the problem two ways. I say " Very small please. " This is accompanied by appropriate hand gestures. I still get mounds more than I can manage. We do appreciate the need for this as last year David and I both had flu after leaving New York and so did the rest of the boat! They are clearly trying to prevent a recurrence . As yet there is no sign of a problem. Last year when one person coughed in the theatre everyone else joined in. Short of issuing us with masks it's hard to see how it could all be avoided. On a lighter note I saw my first wild life at breakfast . A shoal of small dolphins were leaping gracefully in and out of the waves. Very beautiful. I hope no one imposes hygiene restrictions on them! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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