Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Morning has broken

We have spent our first night on board the newest Queen and she is lovely. Smaller than the Queen Mary but very comfortable. From now on our body clocks will take a battering. We lost an hour last night and this will go on every day till we reach New York. This makes time meaningless after a little while. We sleep when it goes dark and wake up in the day light. There is a great mix of nationalities on board so many of the messages are repeated ad nauseum. We have to hit the shops shortly. I forgot the shampoo and the mousse. Don't ask me how. It is one of life's mysteries! We met a lady this morning en route to breakfast dressed in shorts and skimpy tea shirt. . She had only just realized that having packed for the sun she was going to freeze to death between here and the big apple! I think we may bump into her at the shops! All human life is here. Most are not yet ready to communicate. But it's only a matter of time before reserve is thrown to the winds and we all start nattering. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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  1. You could ask the Captain to swing by Newfoundland for a Moose, though it would take up a lot of room in the cabin - I did near once that Cunard passengers can load a Rolls Royce as part of their luggage. Still not sure what you want a moose for though. Meanwhile noted on AIS that you passed Peter Green on 'Celestial Dawn' in the ealy hours this morning! Have fun...